Retiring after 10 years in JOS CA as senior safety delegate

torsdag 27. januar 2022

Arne Emil Bredland resigns as senior safety representativ in Statoil/Equinor JOS CA for 10 years.
-I have been an employee representative and /or a safety delegate my entire working life, since I joined the Sailor’s trade union in 1974, says Arne Emil Bredland, Senior safety delegate (HVO) in Catering & administration (CA) – retiring February 1.
-I have been organized in LO trade unions all the time and that has suited me very well. Recently I have been the senior safety delegate in Statoil/Equinor, JOS CA.


Chef Arne Emil.

Why are you so committed?

-When asked to be a main safety delegate for JOS CA in 2011, the answer was yes.
-Why yes? Challenging tasks and opportunities to collaborate with the company and trade unions for the common benefit of the workers were important reasons and determining factors for my acceptance.
As a cook (with complementary competence) I have always regarded myself as a skilled worker, and as a cook I have been engaged in the working conditions for ordinary workers in CA. My onshore working years before Statoil, were really bad – HSE was an unknown concept.
In Statoil/Equinor conditions are totally different, thanks to the safety delegates and unions in collaboration with the company. Decent working conditions are better all over – health, safety and environment and especially for the working environment. There are in effect no clash of interests here.

Any issues that you are you happy about accomplishing or putting on the agenda?

-The safety delegate and trade union collaboration has been important for me in the post as senior safety delegate. Interesting and fruitful discussions that through collaboration have become positive changes for all in CA in addition provided improvements for everybody working on the installations. Talks/discussions with full-time employee representatives always benefited greatly, we have excellent full-time employee representatives in our company. The collaboration with the Coordinating senior safety delegate (KHVO) has been hands-on, Peter Alexander Hansen retired just before year-end 2021 and I owe him a big thank you. To see “the big picture” is important, and Peter helped making me put things into perspective. I wish Baste Daltveit all the best as new KHVO in EPN.

How did the company approach you?

-The collaboration with CA management and leaders on the installations did most often proceed with no problems. But headwind and conflict are not unusual. Then we need to find solutions to live by and move on together. And that is where we are today, now that I can see the sign “RETIRED” before me.

What HSE issues must CA work on in the future?

-To work for the benefit of the workers is important, and safety is the equivalent to fresh meat. To rest on your laurels is not possible, as you must always focus on the person/worker. We must be attentive to the shift schedules/nighttime work. There must be more focus on the psychosocial working environment. An acknowledgement that we are all different and to see the whole person, both during work hours and leisure time, must be addressed.
I care about my colleagues on- and offshore. I appreciate discussions and exchanging opinions and we all have opinions to listen to and bring further in the work. There has been a number of incidents, not all good, in my time in the company. We mostly remember the positive incidents, which is probably a good quality. And we must not forget the learning from mistakes and incidents. We must be honest towards each other.

On 02.01.2017 I had to amputate my right foot, below the knee. The amputation resulted in major changes for me, I could no longer travel to the installations. My deputy Håkon Henriksen stepped in and covered that part of the senior safety delegate obligations. I am grateful for the years that Håkon was my deputy, and the same to Jorunn Kronborg. Having competent deputies is a strength to the senior safety delegate work. I would like to thank Industri Energi Equinor Offshore and the other trade unions for 10 fulfilling years as senior safety delegate.

I am happy to have had this opportunity as the senior safety representative in a company I have enjoyed very much. My best employer was my very last, Arne Emil concludes.

Arne Emil Bredland senior safety representative.