Industri Energi sine nettsider

Equinor meets the demand for extra support during the pandemic

Industri Energi Equinor Offshore requested in January 2022 that our corporate union representatives in Industri Energi Equinor should demand a grant for home office.
In the start of the pandemic Equinor refunded NOK 3000 to improve the individual employee’s home office situation. The grant was an emergency solution. When sitting in the home office for several years, the need for equipment will be totally different.
The authorities and employers alike have stated that home office during the pandemic is a requirement for those who can.

Frode Mikkelsen

-It is both correct and important that the 2-year home office situation, should be further compensated for the inconvenience of a poor physical and mental working environment, such as sharing space with several in the household and often more expenses, says Frode Mikkelsen, deputy union representative Industri Energi Equinor Offshore.
-For some time we have all had increased power expenses and without a doubt the home office increases the expenses for most of us. Heating must be provided which would otherwise be reduced when at work. The opposite being the fact for the employer: Saving cost on cleaning, catering, heating, maintenance etc., Mikkelsen continues.
Industri Energi Offshore demanded that Equinor should cover expenses for not only increased power invoices, but also the need for further office equipment to the home office.
Equinor employees will receive a lump sum equivalent to 1,000 USD to spend on activities of their choice. Funds will also be allocated to welfare activities, and the company will offer additional mental health measures, Equinor states on Insight.
-We are satisfied with the quick response from Equinor providing each employee with a lump sum equivalent to USD 1000 to spend on optional activities subsequent of the Industri Energi Equinor demand, says Frode Mikkelsen.
The company says that the employees should spend the amount on something that energizes and motivates them. It could be spent on time with family and friends, leisure activities, or new training clothes.

A grant like this will be subject to tax for the employee in many countries (such as Norway). Employees will receive the net amount together with their salary payment within March.

Equinor supports welfare activities amongst employees and has decided to give an extra contribution. In Norway, the cabin board will receive a lump sum of 200,000 USD.
-The cabins in Norway have been very popular during the pandemic, and feedback tells us that they are highly appreciated, says Bjørn Palerud, full-time union representative for Industri Energi Equinor Offshore and member of the Corporate Cabin Board.