Industri Energi sine nettsider


The Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion started the meeting informing about the changes to the Working Environment Act, approved by the majority of the Storting (Parliament).


Industry Energy Equinor war invited to participate in an open meeting at Folkets Hus with Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion Marte Mjøs Persen. Fellesforbundet, Stavanger invited to an open meeting on the staffing & recruitment situation, working hours and pension

“We won the election on strengthening workers’ rights and providing a work life to be proud of”, the Minister said.

Full time jobs are crucial to capitalize on Norway’s work force.
”We share a common goal and basic values for the Norwegian society by contributing to full time permanent positions, thus allowing the workers a predictable and secure job”, Mjøs Persen continued.

Marte Mjøs Persen referred to the removing of the temporary staff hiring opportunities and the introduction of collective lawsuit privileges.

Several of the employee representatives in the open meeting shared their experiences on the new Act. At the same time several suggested to reinforce the act, to ensure that the Act is applied as intended by the Storting.
Several registered challenges regarding hired personnel not 100% employed in a recruitment company, particularly within the ISO business and in larger project with many hired consultants.

We were also told about experiences in franchise companies and how being hired through a “platform company” works.
To be employed by a “platform company” is to be sitting at home “applying” for vacancies through an App. And where you are in effect self-employed, allowing the “platform company” to inform on  their minimum welfare benefits, for example sick pay from day 17, unemployment benefits and public pension scheme through the National Insurance. All of which already provided for all through NAV.

Experiences in Equinor so far, are that the changes in the Working Environment Act are handled quite well, although some areas need more time to adjust to a new workday. It is very important that Equinor follows up the suppliers by verifications, ensuring the Act to be applied as intended.

“We register vast differences between being employed in Equinor with multiple advantages as opposed to being in a staffing or recruitment company. Regarding predictability as well as security in safeguarding an income to provide the basic needs of a family”, says Per Steinar Stamnes, Chair Industry Energy Equinor Offshore. 

Marte Mjøs Persen also got a direct question on whether the government will finance all or parts of the AFP (contractual pension scheme) cost in the 2024 salary negotiations. Her reply was that the Government will be a party in these negotiations through the 3-party collaboration, and she did not want to say or promise anything.

The Minister of Labour was explicit that the current Government will not increase daily, weekly or yearly working hours for Norwegian workers.

Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion Marte Mjøs Persen