Industri Energi sine nettsider

On Wednesday 20th of April, the Industri Energi Equinor Oslo union held a breakfast meeting for members about International Solidarity.

Espen Løken from Industri Energi was invited to talk about the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rightsand the international work that Industri Energi is doing outside Norway in support of workers rights to be organize.
It was an interesting and informative presentation underlying the importance of supporting the trade union rights work in other countries.
Leaders and members of trade unions expose themselves for high risks in the fight for labor rights which we in Norway often take for granted.


Breakfast meeting at Fornebu. Picture: Silvia Del Zotto.

There was lot of engagement and questions from the participants, and questions included how the price makes a difference for the organizations.
There is no doubt that this award make a difference and helps the trade unions in countries struggling with prejudice against the value of organized labor.
In some instances the prize raised international public attention and allowed release of imprisoned union leaders.
You can find more information about the Arthur Svensson prize, more articles and blogs on the website;