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Nyheter Alida Domaas

Alida from Industri Energi Young visited Fornebu on Monday 23.05, where we had an open information meeting about the benefits of
being organized in Industri Energi. Lo Favør and Sparebanken 1 and employee representatives from Oslo were present.
Tamara, our new graduate contact presented herself, and a good contact was established with Industri Energi Ung.
There was plenty of time to ask questions and socialize, and we have already started planning and looking forward to the next event.

Industri Energi Equinor office group has conducted a member survey on how the work situation is experienced.

«Interesting tasks, the right workload balance, having time for lunch and a couple of breaks during the working day, a good leader and good colleagues in a good working environment, freedom with responsibility, and a flexible mix between home office and Equinor office», is one response that sums up quite briefly and concisely how we prefer our work situation.
The survey was distributed 9th of February to 1520 members of Industri Energi at offices in Norway.
567 members responded on the survey, which was closed on February 28th.

On Wednesday 20th of April, the Industri Energi Equinor Oslo union held a breakfast meeting for members about International Solidarity.

Espen Løken from Industri Energi was invited to talk about the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rightsand the international work that Industri Energi is doing outside Norway in support of workers rights to be organize.
It was an interesting and informative presentation underlying the importance of supporting the trade union rights work in other countries.
Leaders and members of trade unions expose themselves for high risks in the fight for labor rights which we in Norway often take for granted.


Equinor has presented an impact assessment for development and operation of Wisting in the Barents Sea.

The impact assessment to be issued for public consultation is covering both the development phase and the operations phase of the Wisting project in the Barents Sea. In December, Equinor entered into an agreement with Lundin, whereby Equinor will continue its Wisting operatorship into the operations phase.
-We look forward to the construction of Wisting starting, says Frank Indreland Gundersen, area manager for EPN (exploration and production north) in Industri Energi Equinor Offshore.
-Of particular importance to us is that Equinor, in agreement with Lundin, has acquired the operatorship for both development and operation throughout the field’s operational phase.
The Wisting discovery is of considerable size, containing close to 500 million barrels of oil equivalent. Expected investments are in the range of NOK 60 – 75 billion. Operating time approx. 30 years, the field is 310 km from shore and has a sea depth of approx. 400 meters, Equinor writes in the press release.

Equinor meets the demand for extra support during the pandemic

Industri Energi Equinor Offshore requested in January 2022 that our corporate union representatives in Industri Energi Equinor should demand a grant for home office.
In the start of the pandemic Equinor refunded NOK 3000 to improve the individual employee’s home office situation. The grant was an emergency solution. When sitting in the home office for several years, the need for equipment will be totally different.
The authorities and employers alike have stated that home office during the pandemic is a requirement for those who can.