Industri Energi sine nettsider

Industri Energi Equinor Oslo visited Utøya on June 7th

15 members joined the trip to Utøya on the afternoon June 7th.
We left Fornebu by bus and reached Utøya by boat.
Some food was served before we were guided around the island.

On the trip we learned about the island’s history from the end of the 19th century.

There was also time for reflection of the tragic terror attack July 22nd, 2011.

It was a nice trip, but at the same time a strong emotional experience. It is an expressed wish from the Utøya organization that we do not only focus on the terror attack but also emphasize the positive aspects the Island gives and has given through many generations.

As one member expressed; “It is powerful to learn that the number of participants at the summer camp actually doubled after Utøya was rebuilt.”

Link to the Utøya organizations homepage: Utøya – – A place that engages (